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Monday, October 14, 2013

Wounded Warrior Chair

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Someone once described me as afflicted.
My girlfriends and I had years of laughter
over that one.
It doesn't even penetrate my armor any
more.  I find well meaning people say the odds things.

I have a colleague who says I watch
too much TV.  This may very well be true,
often while I sit crafting, reading or writing,
I listen to TV.  Most of what we watch is old.
Episodes of  I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, and the
Andy Griffith Show. This colleague drinks every
night but I listened with a smile plastered on my
face and didn't provide a rebuttal. 
Another over eater, I can tell because she is
over weigh, too,  described me as a stress eater,
also true, but not something anyone needs to
point out.  I don't seek advise or comments.
I have a tendency to be shy, but open.
Individuals with internal wounds and bullies
alike seem to seek me out.

I feel every comfortable in my skin. In
fact, I like me, my husband says he adores me and my
precious children like me.

Here's what I know of this behavior, people
who point out your flaws are often deeply flawed.
It is their own failings they fear. To distract, they
project their venomous observations on their victims.
Better to turn the other cheek, not engage, and give thanks.

Let their words hang in the air. How do I show compassion,
with all my failings and disabilities,
spread joy?  Through the light of Jesus.

When Birte's husband, Fred,  passed away
she offered me his chair.  She had first
thought to donate it to the Wounded Warrior Project
but then thought I was her wounded warrior.

My affliction, is the result of a degenerative
disease, but she has witnessed the needling and
wanted to provide comfort.

Yes, yes, even in affliction give thanks.


  1. What a beautiful, well written post!

    Take care,

  2. Eugenia,

    You write both from the heart, as anyone who has deep feelings about a subject or issue, would, and from the brain, as any person who has opinions and a cerebral talent, would. Thus, I would call this ''organic'' writing, pertaining to human organs, but this technique could also easily translate into pure, clean, clear and honest writing, being rooted in organic substance. And I, for one, seek clarity and honour and truth in my life and I thank you for your contribution to it with this heartfelt and inspiring post.

    PS: I've always been curious re: your name...are you of Greek origin? If you are, then you know that your name literally means, 'nobleness of mind, character or spirit; exalted moral excellence'. You do your name justice.

  3. Wow, Poppy, thank you for your kind words. I am Portuguese born in the Azores. My precious, late sister, Mericia was 18 when I was born. She wasn't very happy with our parents; to please her, my mother allowed her to name me. Eugenia Fatima. It was a big name to grow up into. I did know, Eugenia had Greek origins, but had no idea its meaning was so beautiful. xxoo e


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