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Pumpkin Cottage
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Counting Blessing

Every morning on the way to work I pray.

First, I lift His name in praise.
I thank Him for another glorious day,
I pray for family and friends by name, and finally,
I share the intentions of others who have asked me to pray.

Today, we will meet our friends, Todd and Jessica,
to lift a glass in congratulations, celebration, and
to say so long.  Mr. Lee and I are vested
in the well-being of this young and precious couple.
We, our entire family, love them dearly.

As their officiant.

They are moving to start a new adventure.
Many many blessings my dear creative ones.
We will miss your close proximity.

Remember to listen to your intuitive spirit,
seek support from like-minded people,
enjoy liquid gold (coffee), register to vote,
don't trust women with baby voices,
be served occasionally, continue making
pickled veggies (they are delicious),
and leverage your talents for good.

And dance wildly when you are sad,
What sound the fox make?

We are only a phone call or text away.


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