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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Entering the Season

Be grateful... It's the only totally reliable get-rich-quick 
scheme.   Ben Stein

This holiday season, my goal
is to slow things down by being
mindful of each day.  By commenorating
the moments.

Here's a couple of great
ideas to assist you in slowing down
by documenting
the specialness of the every day:

Check out Ali Edwards December Daily or
Pam Garrison's Project Life.

Another way to slow things down
is with a creative online class.

Amy Powers' Crafty Happy from BigPictureClasses
offers a weekly assignment for the whole family to enjoy.
We share the experience of reading instructions,
watching class videos, shopping for materials,
and making.  Attend local events to pepper virtual experiences.

Last weekend we visited the University
of California, Riverside's Botanical Gardens.
The children were invited to attend a free
faerie garden class.

Making Fairie Gardens

Holly earned faerie wings.
Best part of our adventures is meeting wonderful people along the way.

Experts are willing and able to provide assistance
simply for the asking.  Jacob asked for help
selecting his science project specimens.

Halloween rounded out our week.
Jacob created his scary scarecrow costume.

Holly wore her store bought garden faerie.  She loved
the silky and fluffy textures.

Happy endings to a beautiful opening to the holiday season.

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