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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day a Son's Story

My son, Nicholas, is serving in the United States Army.

What an honor and a privilege.
He was born to serve.
Called to serve. 
At the age of 7, he shared
that he would enlist in the Army when he
grew up.
I encouraged him to go Air Force, anything,
but not the Army.  He told me, "No matter
what you say I will not change my mind."

He is strong willed and determined.
My heart swells with pride.
Being in the service was his dream.

My father served in the Portuguese
Army and his paternal grandfather
served in the US Navy. 

Mr. Lee and I are both immigrants
of  this amazing land.  We are cognoscente
of the many sacrifices
our veterans and their families make.

Lord, we pray all those serving will be
kept safe. May their families be
encouraged by our sincere gratitude.

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