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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grace at Thanksgiving

Ephesians 1 15:23
Romans 12:2

Grace is what we receive but don't deserve.

My oldest sister, Mericia, was deeply faithful.
She was 18 years older and very old
fashioned. Today,  she would
probably be the poster child for traditional

Not me, in 5th grade I became a feminist.
Accepting of all people and unconventional.
Commencing my magnetism for
wounded souls.
Hippie spirited.

At home, we were raised traditionally,
at celebrations,
men would eat first, then the women and then
the women would clear and wash up.

Boys were given enough rope to hang
themselves and girls were watched closely.

Yeah, whatever, this is America and I was not
going to conform. 

With two small children, my beautiful
36 six year old sister was diagnosed
with cancer.  A death sentence of 6 months.
Her physician sent her home
to get her affairs in order.

She kept journals and recorded a
message for each of  her children.

She prayed daily for a little more
time with her children. She was
faithful and didn't complain.
In a twist of cruelty, from the
radiation, she lost the ability to tear.
She could cry but the relief from tears
did not come.

My witness of her suffering,
her unwavering faith, and
commitment helped plant the
seed of compassion.
She held a deep belief,
no matter what
suffering was sustained
here on earth, her
reward would be in heaven.
She believed this with absolute conviction.

I am a better person for having
loved her. By witnessing grace,
my spirit grew.

Mericia lived on
for 7 years beyond her diagnosis.
She'd say, "We never know."

Be grateful in all things.
Not only the good, but
what develops our spirit,
what expands our servant
attitude, and in all things
prepare for His

For these things and so much more
I am truly blessed. 
Happy Thanksgiving my beloved. 

            Mr. Lee's siblings.  Top: Patrick, Ginny, Mr. Lee 
                       Spouses Bottom:  Denise, John, me                   


  1. Oh Genie!
    I am in tears. How lovely your Mercia was. What a privelege to have had her as a sister. What an enormous loss for you and your family. Thank God we have the promise of eternity, where she waits to be reunited with you.
    What a beautiful family Mr. Lee has.
    And YOU look absolutely stunning ~ just BEAUTIFUL AND RADIANT!
    Love, love, love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Darling Danette,
      I'm crying again. We lost her 22 years ago but I still miss her terribly. We were so connected like soul mates both born in December. Mericia was like a queen with so much dignity. She married poorly to a very abusive monster of a man. Her spirit crushed, without the possibility of divorce, death was her only escape. She had style, was light on her feet, could make anything, dresses and men's suits from Vogue, cooked like a dream and was so much fun. Thank you for stopping by my beloved. Genie


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