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Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Soldier

Holidays and birthdays are always hard.
I haven't  seen or talked to my second son,
Nicholas since he was 14.  I send
unanswered notes and cards.
Nicholas, turns
23 today, he is serving in the
US Army.
As I prepared to write this post
I prayed.  My shameful disclosure is
shared here to possibly help
another estranged parent.

There is help and we are not
alone, today I found Daily Strength Groups
Parents of Estranged Adult 
Children.  My own estrangement was
collateral damage of an ugly divorce.
The legal
system is just that, a legal system,
not a justice system.
The one with the most money wins.

One son chose to live with us and the
other with his father.  The child we
raised has a relationship with his father
and extended family.  We encouraged him
to maintain relationships and remind him
of birthdays, father's day and other
important dates.  These simple acts
of kindness are not

We have missed out on a child
growing into a man and all
the details of his life.

I stood at his high school graduation
uninvited. No invitation, no graduation
pictures.  Nothing.
It's the pay back forever.
Daily prayer is sent his way.
Soften his heart, Lord.
Whisper forgiveness and peace.
Open his eyes, Sweet Jesus.

Happy Birthday, my precious child.
May you stay safe.
Live your dreams.
Be blessed, Mom.

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