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Monday, May 28, 2012

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1980 Confirmation Class Our Lady of the Pillar

Notice the beautiful mural.
At mass, I would study the beauty of it.
Each and every detail.
The angels' wings, the variety of blues  and the lovely robes.

Back in the day, Confirmation preparation started in Junior High School,
I like that term so much better than Middle School.  Being in Junior
High School meant something being in the middle means nothing.
By the  end of 8th grade the area Bishop would come to perform the sacrament.
All those confirmed would make their own commitment and accept
the responsibility as adult members of the Church.
Confirmation is intended as the passage to adulthood in the Church.
Now the sacrament is not performed until high school because
it shouldn't be forced by parents but selected by those being confirmed.
You select a name and sponsor.
My name was Joan from Saint Joan of Arc. 

My mother in her infinite wisdom didn't force us.  It was our
choice alone.  This was really significant and I have never forgotten it.

As part of the confirmation class of 1979,
my preparation changed my life.  It was at
a Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) camp that I accepted the
Lord as my Savior.  It was at this camp, over a weekend, my life
changed forever.  I invited Jesus into my heart and he has been there
ever since. The whole experience is what I imagine being born
again feels like.

It was also at this camp that I met Creighton Fung. 
I was an impressionable young girl and Creighton was a young
college student.  He made a lasting impression on me. I never forgot
him.   I don't know if he knows it but he helped lead me closer to God.
As a young college student he made being Catholic look cool.
It helped that Creighton had this cool Kermit the Frog sounding voice.
In my young girl understanding, Creighton seemed artsy and sensitive.

It was cool then and is still cool now.

It was during this weekend, I heard Cat Stevens for the first
time. I met Maria D'Amato, who had a little sister, Francesca,. just my age.
Maria and Francesca mother's, Pauline, was a "church lady" at the parish.
Threads of  the Lord  to create a living church family.

Francesca is still one of my brother's, Joe, closest friends.
This is a reminder,  you never know how you will
touch a life.  Make it a positive and lasting impression.

Happy Memorial Day.  Thank you to each and
every family who has made the greatest
sacrifice to ensure we live free.

God bless the United States of America.


  1. What a beautiful post Eugenia! And the mural is breath taking for sure!!! I love your testimony and appreciate you sharing it and encouraging all of us to be aware of how we impact those around us without even knowing it. Be Blessed Dear Friend!


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