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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Song of Solomon

I have found the one
whom my soul loves.

Song of Solomon 3:4

In almost everything I am a late bloomer and
a fighter.  Not backing down unless I am
beaten down. My brother, Joe, will attest,
in my younger days I would go from 0 to 60
in a split second.  Not in my defense but in
the defense of others.  My friend, Birte, would
advise, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."
She is much wiser than I. 

In love it was the same.  Finally, I listened
to my soul and not my fickle heart. Married
the one my soul loved.


 I am, once again,  recovering from
oral surgery.  And yet again, my beloved
is at my side.  Medicating me, feeding me, and

Let the whispers of the world be quiet.
Pray and listen to your soul's desire.

By the way, I added a button for my
Pintrest posts.  There you may find
windows to my soul.  Enjoy. 

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