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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mr. Lee and Other Favorite Things

For the first year I knew Mr. Lee, long
before a twinkle entered either of our eyes,
his name was "Rodj."

The retailer, where we worked,
said he could use any name he wanted.
So he did.

These are a few of my favorite things

After our children got old enough to
speak, we started referring to each other
as Mommy and Daddy.  The older
boys had always referred to him as Lee.
The little ones were starting to choose Lee over
Not going to happen.

Black Sheep...ahhh, Poodle

Mr. Lee has a bigger than
life presence.  Strangers call him:
Boss, Chief, or Jefe.  Seriously.
At first it was weird but after
16 years I understand.

Bees knees in love.

It maybe out of respect or fear
but almost everyone else calls him
Mr. Lee.

So now you know. 


  1. And I LOVE knowing!!!
    Cute, cute story.
    I am behind in Blogland again. My precious 87 year old Mother in Law has been seriously ill. She is recovering at home now though and thankfully she is just next door so I can be in and out constantly. I will email you all the details ASAP.
    Love you My Dearest,

    1. Danette,

      My darling. You have been SO on my mind and heart
      praying more. Holding you all in my heart.



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