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Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Posh Landing

I am sure there are those who dream
of a posh landing.
A castle, mansion or an oasis on a hill.

Not I.  As I peruse Pinterest, where you can
find everything your heart desires, I pin 
my heart.

A cottage heart.
Small houses.
Classic cars
Cottage gardens.
Riot of color.

VW Buses.
Smeg appliances.
Place to travel: Holland, Azores, and Portugal.

Simple and obtainable.
God willing.

My mother was glad I stated
a little
girl for so long.  I still like
frilly lace and ruffles.

She also said, "Your
front garden is your
home's first living space."

I have kept these things in mind.
Along with guest towels in the
bathroom. The ones NO one else is allowed
to use.
No, Joe you are not a guest.

Pumpkin Cottage flowers

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  1. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Your flowers outside of your too adorable pumpking cottage are gorgeous! And, of course, a smiling Miss Holly always captures my heart :)))
    Love you,


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