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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Wednesday on Marriage

from miss dietz's third-grade class   Advice for a Happy Marriage by debi dietz crawford and friends. Quite possibility the only marriage advice book you will ever need.  Pearls of wisdom and sweet eight year old illustrations. 

This little jewel of a book came into our lives after only 5 short months of dating.
Now, I have to tell you, I did not plan on ever getting married again but if I was going to date I wanted it to be the sweetest journey of my life and I wanted to set the ground rules early. In the selection of a mate, you must aim high and not ignore any red flags.  No flinching.   Remember our mantra: Better alone then in bad company.

First piece of advice from the book:   "My advice is if there are two cupcakes and the man takes the one with not as much frosting he loves you."

and "to show you love each other, take the smallest cookie."

We still refer to all the sage advice as reminders not to fight, sleep together, have alone time, children, pets and kissing.  It is all in there.

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