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Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuff that Keeps My Interest

These are the random thoughts of a former homemaker.
A solar Queen waves from our visit to Nevada City.

Susan Branch's Love book is going out of print after 18 years.  Can it be possible?
Has so much time really passed?  When my oldest boys were little there were periods 
where I felt extremely isolated.   The boys' daddy traveled extensively
for work, I didn't work outside the home and my family lived far away.  My feelings
of isolation were even deeper because I am not much of a loner. 
I have never even gone to a movie alone. I don't enjoy shopping or eating alone. 

In enters Susan Branch's cookbooks,  Mrs. Sharp's Traditions
from Sarah Ban Breathnach and Tasha Tudor. A new world expanded before me. 
A world where I could nurture my creative soul and
the task of nurturing babies and keeping home fires burning.
These books validated the value and importance
of my homemaker existence.

Ah, it is good to be Queen.

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