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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Books

Here's what I am reading right now.  As most of you know, I squeeze pleasure reading in between required reading for school.  So sometimes, I am reading two or three books at any given time.  Other times, I just need beautiful photos and interesting people for eye candy and inspiration to help me relax.

Craft Corps, just hit the shelves, it is all about our favorite crafters.  Interesting stories with some photos.  You will find your favorites crafting icons and discover some new favorites.

Debbie Macomber's Hannah's List continues the Blossom Street series.  Lee purchased this one for me for Mother's Day.  I gobble this and the Cedar Cove Series up in just a few days.   Last night I purchased Inspiration from the Where Woman Create genre.....NOW this book is truly eye candy.  It 's for people like me that love color and stuff.  For some the rooms will be too much but for creative types I think it is just like going home.

2010 is a big year for publishing, at least for the books I have to have on my night stand. 

Soon I will share my  Amazon pre-order list with you.  Even if I could afford to stay home, I would have to work to support my book and magazine habit.

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