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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Mother's Day Card

This is our first Mother's Day without our beloved VoVo. I got this card in the mail yesterday with this adorable ribbon. The shop lady told my brother, Joe, that ladybugs and four leaf clovers are both lucky. The ribbon will be used to embellish some article of clothing. So 70s, something our mae would do.

Lucky me to have a brother like you. Thank you.


  1. AND lucky me to have a friend like your brother Joe. I was with him when he found the ribbon and he got so excited. I have to say he thinks of you everywhere we go....it's always, "my sister would really like this" or, "my sister always says..." He is also so appreciatiative of how well you took care of your mother.


  2. Thank you. It means so much. e


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