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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob

Jacob's birthday started on Friday. Lee and I both celebrate birthdays in December so our ritual of having week long birthday spills over to our kids. Each of the kids get a present and we celebrate for days. Mark requested Avatar as his sibling gift, Holly got a Barbie and Jacob started playing Mario Bros. last night. This is our morning photo.

Yesterday we visited Piecemakers in Costa Mesa.
Here is our digital moment. Eating Italian blueberry ice while I hold onto my loot. We are collecting turquoise accessories for a future RV. We are not river people but we are beach, good food, antiques and yard sale people.

Then we venture to Orange for antique heaven. Lee likes:
And we purchased the patio set in the window. We have been looking for the last month when my patio table finally decided to end it all. I moved it and it fell apart. The set will get a fresh coat of paint and the seats will be covered with new oilcloth.
Into the garden it will go.

Holly in our tiny urban yard under the topsy tomato planter.

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  1. I'd kick a kitten for that stove, ok not really but it is an amazing stove. Good score on the patio set. Inquiring minds want to know....how well does the Topsy Tomato planter work?


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