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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jam Packed Day

Another jam packed day with the get-along.gang.  Years and years ago we would scour the Long Beach Veteran's Stadium every third Sunday of the month for treasures. It has been a long while since we visited. We hunted with Mark and Nicholas, my brother Joe, my mother and my sister.  Now we hunt with Jacob and Holly for hidden treasures.

From the swap meet, we visited the beach at Seal Beach and shopped at the Back Porch.  During our visit at Back Porch we found our new coffee table.  This is the end of our day.  Here's Jacob after his bath with what will be our coffee table.

Back Porch is beautifully staged.  I walked through twice before I noticed the perfect table to convert to our coffee table. The green trim is a perfect match for our color scheme.

The Seal Beach our favorite local beach.  

The treasures.


The Loot.  A perfect day.

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