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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Uncle Joe Could Live Here

Uncle Joe is an official member of the Getalong Gang.
I don't recall a time without him.

He often joins us on our Road Trip adventures.

Ditched the little sister so much happier.

When he is not reading, he may murmur,
"I could live here."
There used to be more conviction in his voice but
it has become a running gag.

Our mother left me some amazing photos.

Little voices can often be heard,
even if Uncle Joe hasn't joined us,
joining in with sweet sincerity,
"Uncle Joe could live here."

Ah the 80s.

Uncle Joe, has always been the caboose.
The last one in the car with shoes and socks
still in hand.  
We literally drag him with us, but
always there is great fun.

BTW, on our last trip to Visalia, we
spied a great mobile home park.
Yes, Uncle Joe could live there.

Happy Birthday and many more.

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