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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Portuguese Riviera, Pismo Beach

In the village were I was born and the town were I grew up,
Portuguese men would gather in the public square.

A  bit of gossip, football (soccer) talk, and
work drama. camaraderie, an opportunity to hear your
language spoken.  It was lovely to see a group
of men gathered as we walked along the Pismo
Beach pier. 

The breaking of the waves, the smell of the ocean,
and the sound of seagulls.  All familiar comforts.

Mr. Lee and I suffer loads of criticism
for doing everything with our kids.  What will
you ever do once the kids are grown and gone?

Here's the thing, we all ready have two grown
children, and our children are still our greatest joy.
Mr. Lee and I are best friends so not to worry
we have plenty to talk about and even MORE
in common.

My mother, she was so wise, used to say
the best part of life is when your children
are small but you don't realize it until they are

My parents, like us, had two sets of children,
With 12 years between the first set of 3 and the last
set of 2.  Eighteen years between the oldest and the youngest.
Yes indeed my parents were brilliant.


  1. I love the picture of your kids standing side by side on the pier! And to answer "what will you do when your kids are grown"? First, they will "still" be a part of your lives, and secondly, then you get grandbabies, and that is the best of the best!!

    Take care,

  2. you are the best dear, Sue.


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