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Monday, January 13, 2014

A Day with the GetAlong Gang

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be. .
                                                          Abraham Lincoln

I recall an event were a subordinate said,
 "You just wait until life smacks you
and you won't smile so much."

My response was, "I choose joy."

What she didn't know was my mother was dying.
Four years after my mother's passing and for the rest of my
life I will choose JOY.

A day in the life of the GetAlong is the joy of my
life.  Being with family and friends.  Visiting
like minded, creative people and places. Eating
wonderful food and drinking tasty coffee.

Our day started at IKEA, a lovely walk in and out
of living space vignettes.

Next stop Lucky Street Productions, Oceanside, California.

Always spectacular

I loved these.  Miss Holly not so much. 

Disco shimmer

If I am not mistaken, Uncle Joe had a similar engine, only it was all metal.

Onto a new store, LIVE also in Oceanside.

He is precious.

House Vintage, Solana Beach
A little gaming is allowed to keep the boy interested.

House Vintage, adorable inside and in the garden

Across the street more gardens  Cedros Gardens

Miss Holly picks a scented dianthus

Single petal rose blooming in January

Our VERY favorite scrapbook store ever:
Paper Tales, San Diego
I dream of my dollhouse tiny kitchen
with this pink stove
in it.

Independent, likes to pay for her selections on her own.

Look what you can do with scrap paper.

That's me in the white top and my friend, Ana, in the front.

Swoon,   the banner above me is perfect for Holly's
annual birthday bash.
This year she selected a Hawaiian theme.
Imagine the banner in bright colors like hot pink,
orange, purple and green.  Inspiration all around. 

Finally dinner, we are famished,
a lively talk to keep Mr. Lee awake on the 2 hour trek home.
Oh yes, choose JOY every time. 

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