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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thoughts on the Faithful

My officiant hat goes on this Friday.
My skin goes all goosebumpy with
the thought.  There is nothing so
right as feeling as if you belong.

Jessica and Todd, trusted me first.
They gave me a gift for which I will
always be thankful. 

Jessica and Todd,  just celebrated their 5 wedding anniversary.

Along with my other favorite vocations
being a mom,wife, friend, student and homemaker,
presiding over services is right up there.
The entire process is full-feeling.  What
greater honor could anyone bestow than
to invite participation in one of the most
important days of their lives?

My oldest brother, Ilidio; his daughter, Michele and the officiant.

The richness of satisfaction 
for answering the call is amazing. Inspired to help couples
prepare vows.  Supporting families in honoring their departed
loved ones. Every service is unique.
Each like a snowflake. 

My favorite resource is the
Book of Common Prayer, discovered
through Father Tim, the fictional
Episcopal priest of Jan Karon's
Mitford Series. Raised Roman Catholic,
the Bible is my primary source of inspiration,
but being introduced to the Book of
Common Prayer simply opened my heart
to possibilities.

I used to play Barbies with this beauty.

Young, powerful love, full of promise.  Matt and Kirstie

Matt and Kirstie selected a traditional Catholic-type ceremony.
Both come from nuclear families with
each set of parents married
over 30 years and grandparents on both sides married over 50 years. 

Kirstie wanted to use the same vows her parents
had used all those years ago.

My gender dictated the impossibility of Catholic
priesthood.  Still,I love Pope Francis, not
so much his predecessor, the pomp
and circumstance of Mass, the saints
(yeah, I know even the converts don't
understand), the mediation of the Rosary,
an most importantly it was the way I was introduced
to Christ.

I came to Christ through baptism as
a baby but invited Christ into my own heart
as an 8th grader preparing for Confirmation.
My Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)
counselor told me, "Jesus is a gentleman, he
will knock but will not come in unless He is invited in."

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  1. Love your last sentence about Jesus being a gentleman...HOW AMAZINGLY true is that.
    Oh how wonderful the wedding is HERE! Enjoy my friend ...what an honor! xoxo


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