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Monday, July 1, 2013

Vintage Thoughts on Marriage

Marriage is hard and boring..

Not my experience.
Hard is picking the right
partner.  Having the courage
to not settle because some
timetable isn't being met.

Life can be hard.  Most of the
time life is made harder through
our own poor decisions.

Marriage is either wonderful
or not.  Relationships are
wonderful or not. Marriage is
intended as a partnership.
A support system.

Marriage is sweet, cool,, salty, tangy with a bit of spice for good measure.

Pick well.
Respect the red flags.
Retreat retreat.
Hold tight.
"Better alone than in bad company,"
my big sister Mericia used to say.

A bit of mystery.  Jessica and Todd.  Love you guys.

Mericia didn't believe in divorce.
She sustained an abusive, controlling,
tyrant of a husband until her death at 44.

Hold out for the excitement
in your belly. Let your
cup runneth over.
Love with all your heart.

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