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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Grumbler's Paradise

A life spent surrounded by grumblers. 
Nay sayers. 
The glass is half empty types.
Pessimists.  Creatives outlined in darkness.
Silly barkers who lift me up and allow my brightness.

No Jesus fish stickers on my car or
NTW..not of this world decals.
You will know I am Christian
by my love, by my love.  And limited

Right now, I am reading Delight by J.B. Priesley. 
A grumbler's anthology of good things.  As the proclaimed
Queen of small things the book is a bit of revelry.

Love the sarape covered chair.  It would be hard to cut
a perfectly good sarape. 

Manicures all around.

Downtown Los Angeles.


  1. Love that whole colorful booth the sarape chair is in! Such a happy looking place. I REALLY love the Mother/Daughter manicures! You need some flowers on yours too Miss Genie :)
    Love you,

    1. Holly gets a flower on each digit including toes. The girls at the besuty shop spoil her rotten. I usually get flowers on my big toes. So much fun to have a girl. xxxooo

  2. You know, I am a big believer in positivity! It makes us look at the world we live in a bit differently. My folks weren't the most positive people and I do my best to see to GOOD in life. Thanks for your post. . .


    1. Sue,
      My parents, too. Life was hard for them. I just don't like to complain because I know it could be worse. Feeling blessed every day and spreading a little cheer. xxxxooo


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