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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vintage Beach Style..

It's been hot and humid in our neck of the woods.
We escaped south to cooler climes.
Oceanside and Solana Beach.

 Lucky Street Market

The entrance to the wonderland.
I may have held my breathe as I entered.
It is lovely.

Bling and shiny things.

Flowers for the garden.

Music better than the Andrew Sisters.
I mean it.  Look at Holly's foot tapping action.

The bowlers are wired as pendent lamps.

The picket shelf caught my eye.  Picket always does.

The photo doesn't do the turtle justice.
The shells are translucent.

Come on, this little cabinet has my name all
over it, but alas, babies need new school shoes

Speaking of babies and new shoes.  Check
out Holly's Adidas.  And Jacob, you ask?
He's covered.

This little tub called my name as we exited.

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  1. Oh My Gosh! I'm still waiting to exhale just from the pictures. That place looks like a Paradise!!! And what is it about Pickets?!! I think they make us feel like all things inside them will be happy and secure and homey :) The American Dream kinda thing. Those kids of yours get more beautiful by the day. And I mean that. Squeeze them both tight for me. I hope you are not suffering too much from your heat. It has been cool and rainy here for the last couple of days, which has actually increased my pain. But.... all things considered... I am HAPPY inside my virtual Picket Fence :)))
    Love You My Sweet,


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