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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two funerals and one wedding

This was the subject line of my friend's email. 
Chrisy and I have been friends since before I could
speak a word of English.  We were four years old.

Aunt Minnie, our neighbor at 424 Purisima, said
we couldn't possibly be friends because
we were like Mutt and Jeff.
She was tall and thin and I was tiny. 

No matter.  We liked the same things, we were born
days apart, and Chrisy had Portuguese roots. 
We were both the babies of our families.
Shared the trials of life together,
reason enough to have 44 years
of friendship behind us. 

A sister in-law passed, a nephew passed
with a sister in-law's wedding just around the

I bawled with the news.  Her pain in my
pain.  I know what it is to lose a sibling and
I can't imagine losing any of my nieces or
nephews.  Lord, let me be spared the lost
of a child.  The children of the next generation.

Our families are so intertwined. Donna, the
sister just above Chrisy, is the same age
as Joe.  It was her son, Karl, who
lost his battle to cancer.  The present
and the past woven together, as
I recalled Karl as an infant.

The four of us would play together,
go to school together, and grow up together.

Donna, Chrisy, Joe, Me

We made the leis from fresh daisies from our neighbor's yard

Today's message is to relish every day.
Stay close to your beloved. Patch up
any hurts.


  1. As always Genie you get right to the heart of matters. I love the precious memories these pictures bring to the surface. Isn't it amazing these old photos survive all of our moving through life. We scared up so old ones last week while cleaning the basement. Precious pictures from the 1960's when Scott's Dad was sheriff. He has been gone for 25 years now. I am truly sorry to hear of your lifetime friends losses. How wonderful you two have stayed close. Ahhh....you are a treasure as a friend, My Dear.
    Love you,

    1. You my darling keep me going. It is a great comfort to know you are praying and thinking of me. Old photos are amazing. I recall the day so well. Our neighbor was a gardener and photographer. There is another story about my first camera...xxxooo Genie

  2. I had to re follow your blog. In the process of changing from Comcast to ITV3 my son in law had to change email things for me and my blog disappeared. He recovered it but it seems it took me out of everyone's blog I follow! I think I am getting it all back. UGH!!!
    Love you,

  3. Hey Genie~
    I am just reading your reply to my first comment.
    YOU keep ME going My Dear!!! I think of and pray for you every day throughout the day and love every little glimpse I can get of your life :)))
    Be BLESSED today My Friend.
    And tell me ~ us ~ about your first camera sometime,
    Love You!


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