Pumpkin Cottage

Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Everything always works out

Everything always works out.
Not necessarily the way we imagine or desire
but some how the twists and turns of
life work out. 

Simply let go and let God.
Be vulnerable.
Allow the wave to pass
knowing you will survive.

Visiting with friends

Real life can be hard.

Seek heart every where you go.

Coming up for air requires distractions.
Sprinkles of joy.
Bright sunny days.
Cool rainy days.
Movies from the light fare genre.
Simply select sorbet over
cake. A sprinkling of loud music.

Top of my listening list:

Hello my name is Regret
-Matthew West

Recently watched:movies

Here Comes the Boom

Pitch Perfect

May you be richly blessed today my
beloved readers.

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