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Pumpkin Cottage
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Patchwork, Long Beach, California

Patchwork Shows

As a family, we love thrift stores, street food and art shows.
This love affair may have started with the Pumpkin Festival in my
hometown, Half Moon Bay.

We seek out these events and invite friends to join us.

Jodi was our get along guest.


Meringues, in Portuguese suspiros: to sigh. 
My oldest sister, Mericia,  was an amazing cook.
She would treat us with suspiros.  Street
festivals hold joyful memories.

The library store on wheels.  Come on, don't you love this.
My summers were spent in a small town library.

Fooooood truck.

Walking back to Mabel, our faithful mini-van,  along the shore.

From here, we headed to San Pedro for dinner.  The get along
gets around.....


  1. Oh Man Genie! I just feel my heart beating when I see all these lovely pictures of "the get along gang". So nice your friend Jodi could join you. Absolutely LOVE the whole day :)
    And that Library Van! I mean, what could be more FUN!!!!?????
    Love you Toots!

    1. Danette,

      Right? Libraries are my favorites. What a way to get the word out and fund a little cash for a worthwhile endeavor.



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