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Pumpkin Cottage
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Day Trip to Orange, California

For nearly 30 years,  I have had a love affair with the
City of Orange's downtown and roundabout.
"The Circle" with a fountain in its center. 
Antiques galore, including my fav, County Roads.

Yummy food for every taste. 

My first job in Southern California was located in Orange
and there is where my love affair began.

Make a wish

Floating: Magnolia leaf and roses                  

The Bench at Country Roads.

Visiting does our hearts good.


  1. Of course I so LOVE this post ;0) Did I see you guys yesterday? We have been so busy the past few days that its all a blur for me. Thankfully I'm off today. Have a great day!

    Take care,

    1. The store was really busy. That makes me happy. Of course, we stopped in the garden and picked up lovely plants for the garden and a few other treasures.
      Hope you enjoyed your day off my darling friend.


  2. Seeing you enjoying the day with your little ones does MY HEART GOOD! What a beautiful day you had :)))
    Love you My Dear!

    1. My sweet,
      So happy to see your comment here. Hope all is well. xxooo Did I share we LOVED your bunnies from Etsy.


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