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Pumpkin Cottage
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boa Pascoa

The Queen of Simple Pleasures

It gives me chills to think how truly blessed I am.

Amazing simple parents.
Parents who illustrated courage and dignity.
Parents who allowed us pets to love and lose.  
Parents who encouraged us to study.
Who believed with hard work and education anything was possible.

A mother who taught me to pray and prayed everyday of her life.

Older siblings who cared and provided for us.
Sisters who taught me the joy of hand crafts.
A brother to teach me the love of cars.
Another brother to experience cultural pleasures.
A sibling close in age.  I was never alone.

Life long friends.  New friends sent directly from
the Lord at every difficult  path in my journey.

A husband to treat me as his Queen.
Healthy brilliant children to engage me
with their pureness of spirit.  

No matter what you see on the outside.
The light inside comes from the Lord.

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