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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Introducing Rose

There's a new kitty at our house.
Surprise surprise.

Look what Mark, my oldest, found while watering
the whiskey barrel rose planter.  
There were two tiny kittens found on Friday,

Can you feel Mr. Lee's eyes roll?
He is not cat people.
He loves dogs.
We recently started planning for a pup.

But late Friday afternoon he gets a call from home.
Guess what we found? Two tiny kittens, can
we keep them?

After a very long week, we went off to the animal hospital
with two tiny bundles of fur.

Rose is a healthy four week kitty.
Her tiny sister has spina bifida, there is a bare spot on her rump, and
her hind legs/paws are turned in. 
We were going to do the responsible thing.

Jacob was distraught because in his mind I am handicap.
Holly is pragmatic.
Lots of tears, but then a nurse steps up to provide the special care
she needs.  Yay.  Angels walk the earth every day if we simply
open our hearts to see.

Mr. Lee is allergic to kitty dander, and yet....
I LOVE this man.

Just a pom pom of fur.  Clovis, our 22 lb, black
cat is NOT happy with me.  Not one bit. 


  1. Nothing sweeter that a little kitty! Congrat's Mama!!

    Take care,

  2. Oh My Gosh Genie! I have been lazy in Blogland lately and missing so much! I LOVE Rose!!! Hopefully Mr. Lee and Clovis will adjust. And ~ hey ~ you can still get a puppy too, right?
    Love you Girl!
    Will write real soon,


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