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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Queen of Simple Pleasures

 Today is my parent's 67th wedding anniversary.

Sentimental and simple. 
Mother was sentimental and Father was a simple man.
They both had loads of friends.  Probably because they were
fiercely loyal. They taught us to be loyal, honest and true.
They were part of the greatest generation.

Lovers of all animals. They both had green thumbs.
And the biggest most generous hearts. 
Sentimental to the core.
Each of us kids inherited a degree of sentimentality.

This morning I woke up with an urgency
to share with you my dear readers.

Friend:  One who knows all about you 
and loves you just the same.
                             Elbert Hubbard

Earlier this week, I received a treasure from
my lifelong friend, Chrisy.  We have
been friends since the age of four.

Long ago, Chrisy gifted this little
book to me.  It's value more precious
then diamonds.

A little tradition started way back in
1978. I am sure she purchased this token
of love with babysitting money.

In all these years, Chrisy's handwriting has not changed.
It is immediately recognizable to me.

This little book was the second book in my
treasure trove. Chrisy didn't date her inscription.

This week the third book arrived in the post,
touched my soul and brought
memories rushing in from long ago.  Our shared
childhood and lives have often run in  parallel.
A kaleidoscope of memories of  childhood,
growing up in a magical small town,
living safe and free. 
A place where the beach and the rolling hills
collide.  Where rain and fog wrapped us
like a comforting blanket.
Where we shared experiences of baking, embroidery,
flowers, and the better things in life.  Where the color
of orange pumpkins illuminates the darkness. 

I didn't understand the color link until this very moment.
The comfort and significance of color and memory.
Orange had never been a favorite color but it definitely represents
a weapon memory and a feeling security.  Wholeness. 
My lightsaver, cane, burns brightly in the color orange.

Saw this book and thought of you. 
You are the queen of
simple pleasures 
(pink popcorn, good cup of hot tea, Abba Zabba, etc.)

Much love, 

Only the closest to me would understand the
secrets of my heart.  Abba Zabba still makes my
heart race (the packaging is modern and fresh),
what is prettier than pink popcorn and
hot tea....swoon.

Queen of Simple Pleasures...definitely the title
for my first book. 

Life is precious and fleeting. 

Go seek simple pleasures dear readers.


  1. What a beautiful blog post! I loved it.

    Take care my friend. . .

    1. Sue,
      You made my day. Hope your day was amazing. xxxooo



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