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Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrifting for Treasures

 Mirror mirror on the wall.

Transform thy self.
Once and for all.

This is where Mr. Lee, without gloves or safety glasses, 
cut himself.
Always, my dear readers,
wear proper safety equipment.  

With a little help from our friends.
Garage and side door open for proper ventilation.

shake shake shake
your can of paint


Montana spray paint available at Aaron Brothers.
Love Aaron Brothers. Go to their link above just click.
Sign up for coupons and special events. The get-along-gang
highly recommend AR featured art product lines.

Simply divine for REAL artists and just crafters like moi.

Last night, the children and I watched,
Diana Vreeland's The Eye has to Travel.

We were mesmerized.
Completely and utterly captivated.
Glued to our seats.
Not even one request for a pause to go potty.

I woke at 2:00 a.m. to watch  it again.
Highly recommended it for anyone fascinated
by genius, fashion, art or business.

Mrs. Vreeland kept saying she was simply "mad" about this and that.
Can you imagine being mad about anything?
What a love affair.
Mrs. Vreeland had it at home with her beautiful husband and
in her work. 

She simply described her relationship with her mother as unsympathetic.
You will have to watch it for yourself to learn more. 

A fascinating life.    


  1. Hey Girlfriend!
    I LOVE that mirror and the new look you gave it. Sorry Mr. Lee cut himself though!:(
    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those beautiful, precious children!!!
    Love and Hugs and Kisses to You from Me in a cold, snowy state!

  2. weeeee. oh the kids would be in heaven in the snow.

    BIG kisses love.



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