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Pumpkin Cottage
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alma (Soul)

God speaks to me all the time.
I don't hear words but I feel the words in
my heart.  His inspiration.  The weight lays
on my heart until I am moved to action.

Apple Blossom by Holly


Joe texted me the other morning.
He wrote: I heard mother call my name & I woke up.

Later he shared, he heard her knock at his bedroom door and call his name.
Joe woke right up and started cleaning.  My mother was a clean fanatic.
Influence from beyond the grave. She was a very charming and
persuasive woman.

Joe is so lucky.

Blossom2 by Holly

I haven't dreamed with her yet. Or sensed her presence in a vivid
why.   I want to hear her voice and see her face in living color.
It simply hasn't happen but I am sure it will, eventually.

Collar Greens by Holly.  These came from my mother's seeds.

Solteiras (Maidens, translated literally:Single women) by Holly

One of the ladies at the beauty shop (cuter than salon) said she smells
her mother's perfume around her some times.

In the book Signals, by Joel Rothschild, a hummingbird is the

Word of the Day: Geranium (the poor man's rose)

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