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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Variety of Thrifting Treasures

Good as gold.
Rose gold is the height of fashion, again.
Love it.  Portuguese gold is rose gold.
Rich in tradition.  Looks vintage.

Growing up my mom's jeweler was
Fortudo Imports in San Jose.

A majority of Portuguese couples still
sport wide rose gold wedding bands.
The groom's ring is engraved with his bride's
initials or full name and the wedding date.
Not a bad idea ladies.
The bride's ring is engraved with her groom's
name and the wedding date.

What we are watching.

Cooking channel:

My Paris Kitchen  Simply brilliant, an adorable British
woman cooking French food in her tiny flat.
I only share my five stars here.

Kirstie's Homemade Home book available on Amazon.
Totally my style.

Brother Joe sent this video.
Sue Kreitzman from the advanced style blog.
I know some will think it is too much, but not I.
Love her WOW, wild old women mantra.
Watch the video and you will see.

Love the blog for my cane OMHU.
Always inspiring.

Found Annabuilt on Esty.
Tin can roosters and hens.


  1. i love that about the portugese wedding bands! super sweet... i want one:) happy weekend! xo..jenn

    1. Sweet Jenn,

      Thank you for stopping by. The bands are gorgeous in their simplicity. In the near future, I will post a photo of the one I have.

      xxxoo e


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