Pumpkin Cottage

Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jesus Visits

Mr. Lee drives down the road. 
My mother's rosary falls from the rear view mirror.

I say, "It broken?"
Mr. Lee: "Probably."

I retrieve the rosary but it's not broken.
It's a signal.

We drive on.
At the next red light, a lady signals me to roll
down my window.
She hands me a $5 dollar and asks me to pass it
to the guy with a cardboard sign.

Mr. Lee hands the bill to the man.
Mr. Lee says, "It's not from us it is from the ladies in the
car next to us."

The lady says, "Say it is from Jesus."

The man, without hearing the lady,
says, "God bless you."

He is among us.


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