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Monday, October 15, 2012

Whew What a Weekend

When Lee and I are beyond exhaustion like tonight, we
listen, not watch, As time Goes On with Dame Dench as Jean.

We started with an all day date.
A bit of shopping.
Lunch with friends.

Vintage Flair. Trying on a crown for size.



And rounded out the evening with
Noche of Calacas. Taste tested tequila and decorated
sugar skulls. 

Sugar skulls.


On Sunday,  I attended Craft for a Cure.
A fundraiser for breast cancer.

A hostess' book list. 
Piripiri Starfish add to my Amazon UK wishlist.
My eyes tear up with my bucket list dream of Portugal.

A hostess' dream studio.

My tweet bird.

Queen of Treats..glitter heaven. 

Treats for attending. Check out the ring under
the dome.  There were prizes and I won a fabulous
necklace.  Saving that treat for another day.


  1. Wow..you have been a busy bee...loving that tweet bird!!!So adorable. Plus I adore your glasses..soooo fun! xoxo

    1. The glasses are Allyn Scura. Their own design. So much fun. Progressives, awesomeness. Thank you.

  2. WOW! So much FUN!!! You look adorable in the crown :))) I just love all the fun stuff you did. Great pictures!

  3. I know, not a moment of a good sit down. so worth the effort. There was a quiet hum as we created. Dragged my bum leg but totally worth it. Xxxxooo


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