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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More of our visit to Peltzer Farms

There were things to mesmerize mom, too.

Peltzer Farms has a garden. There is a kitchen garden
planted in the bed of this American made 1939 GMC.

When my mother was alive I would seek nurseries
in every community we visited.  Just to see how
others used plantings as art.  Alzira, my mother,
humored me and would plant our treasures when
we arrived home.  There are so many treasures planted
in our garden by her hands.

My mother was a true genius in the selection of
plantings and coordination.  She could make the
most beautiful arrangement out of weeds.


  1. I went there about three years ago with my little Riley on a pre-school field trip. There were so many kids everywhere that I said I would always come back when it was less crowded. It really is a great place and full of wonderful photo opts!

    Take care. . .

    1. Sue,

      It was wonderful. Not crowded at all. Weather was beautiful. The kids loved the little panning exercise where they panned for special rocks.
      Really worth the drive. Put the adventure on your calendar now. That's what we do or things won't happen. xxooo e


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