Pumpkin Cottage

Pumpkin Cottage
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Glorious Autumn

A visit to Peltzer Farms in Temecula.

It was a simply glorious day.
We live in Pumpkin Cottage surrounded by
reminders of the season all year.
Nothing compares to the real thing.

Here I am trying to convince Jacob to find a pumpkin with
a nice stem.  This year we will save the stems for crafting
everlasting pumpkins.  Stems from small pumpkins are the best.

Holly almost jumped out of her skin waiting to ride this pony.
The big surprise was Jacob wanted to participate, too.

Corn maze.


  1. Great pictures and looks like a fun day for all. We did the Pumpkin Patch down here last Sunday night. It's always a fun way to spend some great family time.

    Take care,

  2. What a great day you had with your young ones! They are so beautiful!!!


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