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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Near and Far

Here is my get along gang visiting VoVo probably at Thanksgiving time in Half Moon Bay. I am guessing that Nicholas is 7 and Mark is probably 11 or so. The is my nephew Joey. Yes, we are all a lot thinner then.

If nothing else, VoVo has brought family and friends together from near and far. Staci corrected me yesterday VoVo does have 11 grandchildren but she has 6 great-grandchildren. I hope that everyone,that includes me, will make more of an effort to stay in touch even if that means just a Christmas card each year with a photo. I promise to make more of an effort, too. Relationships need nurturing just like any living thing. Staci, please send photos.

Last night I received a phone call from my very dear childhood friend, Aileen. It has been difficult staying in touch with such busy lives and distance between us but whenever we do get an opportunity to talk it's like no time has passed.

Yesterday with Holly home sick I tried keep busy while keeping her cozy. It takes effort because what I would really like to do is stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself but my mother would never ever approve. So to honor all that she has taught me I got up and made quince jam and banana muffins.

Later, I went to visit VoVo and sat and read antidotes and recipes from Sweetie Pie aloud to her. She seemed comforted by my voice. There was always so much happening at our house. VoVo is accustomed to chaos: the sound of the TV in the background and children talking and laughing. With three kids, two cats and a dog there "something," I use the term loosely, always going. There's not a moment of quiet until everyone goes to bed. On weekend evenings VoVo would knit on her sofa and I would sit on my sofa with some craft and we would watch Lawrence Welk .

Never ever a dull moment.

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  1. Hey Genie; I love the pictures of the kids with the snowcone! You are going to have to e-mail me a copy. Remember when sharing a snowcone was the most important part of your day?


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