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Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Visiting VoVo

Yesterday we all sang happy birthday and VoVo ate ice cream. When she was done she said, "Thank you." VoVo is pretty much non verbal now and doesn't really feel like eating. It is hard because I have to take cues from the way she engages with me with her eyes but every once in a while she speaks to us.

Yesterday when my sister Dulce kissed her for what will probably be the last time, my brave mother said, "Please, don't cry." We should comfort her and she comforts us.

This is a photo of my three older siblings. Dulce, Ilidio and Mericia. Mericia passed away in November of 1991. To this day, my mother says it was the hardest loss she has ever endured.

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  1. Happy Late Birthday avo i love and miss you i wish i was by your side right now holding your hand i love you so much avo


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