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Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Two

Fair warning you may cry just let it be tears of joy . In the last four years we have experienced so much.

Joe arrived today and we finalized VoVo's final arrangements. We know that we will be incapable of making decisions later. My heartfelt recommendation for anyone that finds themselves in our situation is this: provide the best care you can possibility afford and be practical with final arrangements.

Today, VoVo's hospice case manager shared stories of advocating for her patients when they beg to be moved from less then adequate facilities.

My mother's care is entrusted to the best caregiver in the most beautiful home.

Going forward I will try to temper the sadness of this moment with the celebration of VoVo's life. My mother, Alzira, is an amazing women. Joe and I will try to share some of her wisdom along the way. Here is VoVo on Easter Sunday probably 2004. Always wearing an apron rarely sitting down.

VoVo would tell you that she had never stolen anything in her life with the exception of a few little cuttings. It could be roses, geraniums, seeds from hollyhocks, you name it she could make a plant out of anything. Her one fault was that she was stingy with sharing cuttings with strangers because it would cause too many "orphans."

Alzira always behaved with style and dignity. She displayed real courage, attitude and confidence. She was always game for an adventure, worked hard and suffered without complaint.

Honestly she was always game for some fun.
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  1. Hi tia its me Staci i'm so happy your sharing all the fun stuff you did with avo i remember all the child hood memories with her but as an adult it hurts and makes me cry that i didn't take the time to visit more and to do some of the wonderful stuff you guys did with her thank you so much you are the best. I'm proud to say that my avo is thee strongest women around. I see a lot of her in myself and love every bit of it. Love you Avo and miss you bunches


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