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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marmelade (Quince Jam)

It is Portuguese language lesson day.

I've received some questions about the canning the of marmelade I made yesterday. You can find the recipe I used here quince jam (quince is also called honey apple). I looked through quite a few recipes but this seemed like a simple but good one where I could achieve success the first time. I've only made berry jams but I knew what the jam should look and taste like. If you use the attached recipe, I recommend cutting the sugar down to three cups of sugar instead of the recommended four cups but taste as you add sugar for your own preference. I also cooked my jam for a lot longer than the recipe called for but my fruit took longer to test tender. The fruit has to be cooked completely. I did not double the recipe but used the recommended six packed cups of grated raw fruit may batch netted 3 full pints. Tomorrow I will make another batch so I will let you know.

Quince is primarily a backyard fruit although I have found it at farmer's markets in the past. We are right in the middle of the fruit's season so this is a good time to look. The quince I used was received as a gift from my mother's caregiver. Dulce is the one that noticed the marmelo tree and the meyer lemon trees. We were excited because it is such a traditional jam in our culture.

The recipe was easy and tasty. The fruit can not be eaten raw but is delightful in jam. The taste is unique but reminds me of an apple/pear/honey combination.

Thank you, again, for your support during this very difficult time.

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