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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pondering Chronic Pain

 Mind over Matter by Timtam

In 7th grade I broke my middle finger playing
volleyball.  Surgery was necessary because I had
a couple of bone chips floating in there.

When it was time to remove the metal pin.
The male nurse, I mention this only because
a female nurse probably wouldn't have said
this to a 7th grader,
said, "Mind over matter,"
and yanked the pin sticking out with a pliers.
My girlfriend, Chrisy, watched with amazement
as the blood gush from the end of my finger.

To this day I use the concept of mind over matter
to cope with excruciating pain.

Visits to markets and thrift stores distract me
like no pain medicine can.

 Vintage Marketplace, Rainbow, Ca.

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