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Sunday, September 13, 2015

On Being the Slow One

Oh, everyone thinks Mr. Lee is so wonderful.
What you may not know is that he is quick witted
and mean spirited.

He says:  What day is it?
Sleepy headed me: Let's see Friday, was September 11th.
Today is the 13th, happy anniversary happy anniversary.
It's okay you've gotten a few times in the last 18 years.
He says: You are mean.
I say: I'm not mean.
He causally gets up and hands me my phone.
He had texted me hours ago:  Shhhhh.  Happy Anniversary.
He's mean.
I told him don't look at me or talk to me for at least 10 minutes.

Dispite all his flaws.  He is really handy and
cooks all kinds of tasty treats. He was good
to my mother, loves my family, and all the

I drag home all the handmade workshop
stuff I can find. And he, makes it better. 

 80s tired:

2015 Fabulous:

Yeah, I will keep him and try to remember
the 13th of each month before he does.

Happy 18 years and 4 months of dating
bliss, Mr. Lee. 

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