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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day Tripping Renegade

Renegade Craft Fair
This weekend Los Angeles. Next weekend San Francisco.

My sister-in-love, Ginny, has a grand home.  Mr. Lee and I have
always thought a table like this would be amazing.

One of our favorite venues, I have to walk a bit, but totally worth
it.  It's hard when the aisles are tight or bumpy. The Grand Park offered
a flat surface and plenty of room.

Across the street, a rally for the celebration of  the 25th Anniversary
of the American's with Disabilities Act was held.  It's a great reminder
of how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

Jacob's first stop for t-shirts Maiden Voyage Clothing.  Alas,
no photo this time but you can click on the link above to
find them on Etsy.

Jacob also received the t-shirt below
compliments of Mr. Lee who's basketball
hero is Larry Bird from Purehoop.

Yardsale Press
You have to check them out.

Library Store on Wheels

FOOOOD Trucks..... The Deli Doctor
Boy is so happy.

The Get-Along is all about tradition, so a visit to LA
includes french dip at Philippes

There is something so awesome about old fashioned
good service and consistency that keeps a host of
fans returning for more.

A perfect family event.  The other things we discovered:

Ron Finley - the Gansta Gardener
Farm Fresh to You - we signed up for home delivery

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