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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Being a Late Bloomer

Truth be told.
I am a very late bloomer.
I wish someone had told me
you can make a living in
unconventional ways-and most
importantly-its okay.

 Frank Sinatra That's Life

I wish I'd stuck with
waiting tables, one of my favorite jobs,
maybe Monday to Friday with
weekends off.  It wouldn't
have been a long career because
my body failed me.

Trusting my art.
Teaching the at-risk
teenagers, I still love.

In my head, a reoccurring
theme developed.  You require
insurance and a safety net.
Plus the pang to have children
started young, a loud BEATING
Nothing academic just


Who I was at 15 is who
I am today.  My life  is
composed of a collection of 
the same things.
Jesus, saints, the holy ghost,
pumpkins, kale, a pink kitchen,
Birkenstock, embroidery (I like my grandmother's
embroidery, thank you), cross stitch,
canvas bags,
hanging clothes on the line,
gardening, granny crafts (way
before there was granny chic),
second hand (vintage),
handmade, libraries, street fairs,
comfort food, terracotta pots
filled with herbs, cottages, chickens and

No evolution here.
The only thing different
is all the things defining
me are now popular.

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