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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Lady of Fatima

Although the threads of my life have
often seemed knotted,
I know by faith, that on the other side of the
embroidery there is a crown. 
                             Corrie ten Boom
Mericia, my oldest sister,
was devoted
to our Lady of Fatima.
She visited Fatima, Portugal during
her battle with cancer. 

All these years later her example
still warms my heart.
She loved to pray the rosary.
It was a  beautiful devotion.


  1. We had a parish priest Father Robert J. Fox who was devoted to Our Lady of Fatima. He started a youth group called "The Blue Army" in the late 1970s and led many trips to Fatima. I never made it there but maybe some day!

    1. Julia,

      If the Lord places it on your heart to go, you will go.
      I speak Portuguese and have never been, either.


  2. My surgery is on May 27th. I appreciate you kind comments on my blog. I told my husband if I didn't need the prayers, I would have told nobody..but I needed the prayers. Thankfully my cancer was found early and is hopefully contained to my uterus which I can certainly part with. I have had so many people tell me they are praying for me...even people I didn't know personally. It has been a humbling experience and I hope to find the Lord's message to me in this experience.. Thank you! Julia

    1. Darling Dear Julia,

      I will light a candle and lift your name in prayer on Tuesday from the early morning into the evening. Prayer works, the more of us praying the more powerful the result. Women are the prayer warriors and we have to support one another. The prayers we pray are for you, your husband and extended family because your suffering is their suffering. Happiness is fleeting and temperamental but joy can always be found. You are no alone, be comforted because you are a King's daughter.

      Heavenly Father,
      You already know the desires of our hearts.
      Please be with Julia and her family during
      this difficult time. Lord, surround her with your
      protection, provide comfort and mercy to Julia and
      her husband, family and friends. Bless the hands
      and hearts of the medical team entrusted with her care.
      Bless and lift our prayers for Julia in your holy name.


      This is the love of Jesus, we are brothers and sisters
      in a community. I believe the only benefit of
      any impairment, at least for me, is grace. xxxooo


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