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Monday, March 2, 2015

1946 - 2015

Today would have been my parent's 69th
wedding anniversary.
They had the real deal.
Thick or thin.
In sickness and in health.
Through difficult circumstances,
there was NEVER a thought of divorce.

Today, I'll celebrate their memory
and the strength of their commitment.



  1. My folks were the same way and it always warmed my heart!! I was married 22 years, and never was even close to having what my folks did. But I did get three great kids out of being married, LOL! Take care my friend. . .

    1. Darling Sue,
      Our parents were from greatest generation. What a blessing to see their devotion. The kids make everything worth it. And you, my dear, have grandbabies. Gold stars all around. xxxooo


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