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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday, Dulce

Four of the five of us were born
in a clump.  Two in December and
two in January with my oldest brother
in May.   Dulce rounds out the
birthday bash at the end of January.

My sister, Dulce is perfectly named.
She is the sweetest of us five kids.
She is the most obedient of us all.

While I broke boundaries and voiced
everything.  Dulce was quiet and careful
with her feelings and words.

The photo above is one of my most favorites.
Dulce and our mother chatting it up here at Pumpkin Cottage.
My mother's look of  pure satisfaction still brings the flow of tears. 
She was looking at me brandishing the camera
but relishing the time with her remaining

Doing what we often did once all the women's 
work was done. Chatting while we crafted.

My sister's bright blue eyes,
dark brown hair and
perfectly rosey peaches and cream skin did not give
away her strong will or her tender heart.

Dulce loved the outside, the care of the
small farm animals and the kitchen garden.

All of us girls have carried the burden of
a chronic illness
with a glad and thankful heart.

Happy Birthday, dearest sister.

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