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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why NOT Hobby Lobby

When Hobby Lobby is recommended, my
response is, "I don't shop there."

Why I won't cross the threshold to shop at
Hobby Lobby.

I am a feminist.
My definition:
Women may choose to be homemakers,
wives or not,
stay-at-home, work outside of the home,
have babies or not, be mamas or not,
career women, soldiers, warriors, voters
and chiefs of their destiny.


I love women.
I am the woman who never ever,
although I had plenty of opportunity,
cheated with your husband.
Because even though I didn't know
you, I loved you, because you
were another woman...a sister.

I love men.
I love gays and lesbians.
All people.

I am called to love all
my brothers and sisters.

I am pro-choice NOT
It is not the same

I believe contraceptives were one of
the best things to come out of the
twentieth century.  

I don't believe businesses have consciences.
Nor, do I believe corporations are people.

Thank you, God,
for giving me a heart and a brain.

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