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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Beginning of My Love Affair with Trash

From my earliest youth, I have always found pleasure
in giving life to old objects who have lost their usefulness,
in delivering them from obscurity and transforming them
into objects of art.
                                                    Jose de Creeft

This quote brought a rush of memories and emotions
with it.  Does that happen to you?

Wall of Amateur Art

Now, I wouldn't call any of my crafty
work "objects of art" but I can recall digging through
our elderly neighbor's, Aunt Minnie, trash.  A tin can, a half
gallon carton of milk, or some other trashy treasure.
To be lovingly rinsed, dried with care, and made
useful again.

 Happily engaged for hours. Hours of solitude
flooded with contentment.   Joy so authentic and

My love affair with trash, old houses, dirt and cottage gardens
began at 424 Purisima and continues.

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